What goes best with giant squid?

Thursday, 13 May 2010

How to Make Calamari

  1. Step


    Pour buttermilk into a large bowl.

  2. Step2

    Put flour in another large bowl.

  3. Step3

    Season flour with salt and pepper.

  4. Step4

    Pour oil into a large, heavy saucepan. Heat oil to 375 degrees F.

  5. Step5

    Cut the squid into 1/2-inch rings, leaving the tentacles intact.

  6. Step6

    Working in batches, dip a few calamari pieces at a time in the buttermilk, coating thoroughly. Remove from buttermilk and dredge in flour. Shake off excess flour.

  7. Step7

    Add the battered calamari to saucepan. Fry about 1 minute, or until golden brown.

  8. Step8

    Transfer calamari to paper towels with a slotted spoon.

  9. Step9

    Repeat process with remaining calamari, buttermilk and flour.

  10. Step10

    Serve with lemon wedges or a simple marinara sauce.

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